WordPress Maintenance Robot

It was quite a few years ago that I started my first WordPress blog.  It wasn't very good but it was an landmark for me and many other WordPress users have had a similar experience.

Over the ten years that WordPress has been around it has grown in popuarity to the extent that it has attracted the attention of the hackers and spammers.  These people are lazy, so lazy that they would rather slam a junk link onto your WordPress blog or take advantage of a security hole they found to steal your traffic.

Like many of you I played around with WordPress blogs, I set up a number of different ones while I learnt more and more about themes and plugins.  Most of my blogs had a little traffic but nothing spectacular.

Then one of my blogs was hacked.  It took me most of my Christmas break to repair my blog.  I had to dig out the crappy code which had been inserted into my pages, delete the hundreds of pages which had been loaded into my folders, clean out the rubbish in the database.  3 or 4 full days of work to get things back to normal.  I learnt a valuable lesson.  I learnt a lot about securing my WordPress blogs and that I needed to back them up regularly.

With my new-found knowledge I soon had all my blogs secure, so I thought.

As you will appreciate it takes a significant amount of time to visit a number of blogs to do updates and backups on a regular basis.  The more blogs you have the longer it takes until you have little time for updating posts, responding to visitors marketing your blogs.  In short, all the things you should be doing which bring traffic and income.

Then I was hacked, again.  A different type of attack which was pretty easy to clean up but it cost time, traffic and money.  How did this happen?  I have kept the updates current, mostly, but somehow had missed this particular blog and it was a bit behind.

What had I learnt from this new episode?  Even with reasonable attempts to keep current I was not able to keep everything up to date.  My backups were slipping behind and I still wasn't getting the real work done.

I needed a new approach.  I searched for a program or plugin that would do the updates and backups at least semi-automatically.  Nothing.

I tried to outsurce the writing of such a program.  Still no luck.  I was told that it couldn't be done.

Since I am not a professional programmer it took me 3 1/2 years to figure it all out and write a program that I was happy with.  I have been using this program, while adding some additional functionality, for the last 6 months and I love it.  It has taken those months to fine tune the way it works and make sure that it works with as many different plugins and themes as possible.

At the risk of being called insane I am giving this to you.  Seriously, you can download the WordPress Maintenance Robot at no cost.  Use it free of charge for as long as you want and get any updbot-smates that I may write.

Yep, there is a catch.  Two actually.

  1. You have to register the program to be able to use it.
  2. The free version only allows you to update, backup or restore a single blog.

If you only have one blog then this is an absolute bargain for you.

For those of you who have more than one blog of your own to deal with there is a monthly fee of $45.00, well there will be after the beta testing stage.  For the first 100 people the fee will only be $20.00 per month locked in for as long as you keep your account current.

What to do now?  Click the download link above and register when you first run the program or register here now, then download the program and add the details when you first run the program.

Either way works just fine.  When you register you will be given the opportunity to choose between the free or paid version.  You can change between these options whenever you like at the then prevailing fee.

Simple really.  Click this link to register.