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No Brute Force.

I have been in a bit of a hurry to get this program out to you.  I stopped work on the main program to get these done.  They are a bit rough around the edges but they do what they are supposed to do very, very well.

No Brute Force Attacks.

Stop the brute force attacks in their tracks.

The No Brute Force program allows you to change the name of your wp-login page to any other valid filename.

This has been stated as a hacker protection method for some time and there are a couple of plugins which claim to do that for you.  They may work well, I don't know because I haven't tested them.

The biggest problem with a plugin solution is that you have to go to every WordPress blog you have, login and install the plugin, change whatever settings are relevant and test to make sure it is all working

If the plugin has a security hole then you are actually worse off.

What do you do if, as has happened to me, your web host decides that the attacks are causing him/her problems and they redirect your wp-login page to  You can't even login to your own website to do updates or anything else which actually makes your site more vulnerable.

I understand that they need to protect all their customers but often their response to queries is "Change your login page name" but it isn't as easy as that.

There are 4 pages which require changes for this to work, some of those pages require up to 14 changes each so the re-naming works correctly.  You can do this manually but this little program does it all for you and adds a script to cause hackers headaches when they visit your blog.  Side benfit of this is it also blocks a lot of the comment spam.

Anyway, here are the links to the program.  One for Mac OS X and one for Windows.  They should work from Tiger on and XP on

 Brute Force for Mac

Right-Click and choose Save As

Brute Force for Windows

Right-Click and choose Save As

How to use No Brute Force to change your login page.

WordPress Maintenance Robot

This program has been recalled due to the release of No Brute Force.  I need to make some changes to allow for the renaming of the login page.  It will be back soon.

Download the WordPress Maintenance Robot.

Enlist the robot to maintain all your WordPress updates.

The ongoing regular updates of WordPress are your best protection against the ever increasing onslaught of hackers.

With those updates come updates to your themes and your plugins.  You, like me, probably have trouble keeping up with these updates.

Especially if you have more than one WordPress blog in your stable of websites.  The constant, daily visit to all of the blogs, the waiting while the updates happen can have an impact on your ability to do the things you really need to do such as develop new products, write new pages, respond to your visitors etc.

The Internet isn't static and nor should your site be.  You cannot spend all your time online doing maintenance.  With this little helper you can set him going and go do other stuff.  When you come back you can get a pdf report on what was done.  Try it for free, just download it and register it.