User Levels

The WordPress Maintenance Robot can be dowloaded from here.

When you run the program for the first time you will need to register it.  You can either register when

Download the WordPress Maintenance Robot.

Enlist the robot to maintain all your WordPress updates.

you first run the program or pre-register your copy of the WordPress Maintenance Robot


and use the details in the welcome email to register your copy.

There are two levels of user for the WordPress Maintenance Robot, free and paid.

The difference is that the free user level is restricted to a single blog.

The paid user level has unrestricted blogs and automated updates.

Shared features are:

  • Blog backup, both WordPress core files and core database tables.
  • Blog restore, both WordPress files and database tables.
  • Blog update, core, plugins and themes.
  • Create reports of the success (or otherwise) of the action taken.
  • Create PDF of these reports for emailing to others.

You also get updates as required, new features when they are added and all at the same subscription rate.

Without going for the hard sell about changing prices the current pricing, $20,00 per month is an introductory rate because this is still in beta and is only for the first 100 subscribers.  If you subscribe before any price changes then you will not be affected by them.

Click the button below to lock in your access at the introductory rate.

If you prefer to just have the free version then follow this link to register your copy of the WordPress Maintenance Robot.

I just want the free version please